Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I've turned into a baby

Saturday morning we woke up planning to head to Watertown to get replacement springs for the overhead door...turns out they are closed on the weekends.  Then we planned to head to Mike's to take him the wood splitter and pull a couple things out of our camper and a friends' that are stored up there...turns out you can't manually lift a garage door without springs to help you.
So we called on the girls' bikes to see if they were finished with their warranty work and ready to be picked up...turns out we were good to go there.  
Once we got to Dicks, we waited around for at least 20 minutes for someone to help us...which turned out to be a good thing for us because during that time we realized they hadn't actually done what was asked of them.  This is the second time we have taken the girls' bikes in for work and they haven't done to them what we asked for.  We bought a 3 year warranty on them when we bought them from Dicks for this reason.  Warning....DO NOT BUY A BIKE FROM DICKS!!!  At the very least, don't buy a warranty from's pointless.  Maybe I'm being unfair and it's just our local stores that stink in the customer service department, but honestly, once they get things righted, we won't be back.  They would have to really do something big to change our minds.  Seeing as we spoke to the manager on Saturday and he was not behind Doug at all, I don't think that will happen.
So again another wasted we headed to Home Depot to pick up some weather stripping for our doors to seal up some moving air before the snow flies.  We took the dogs with us, knowing we would be stopping there.  Not only did we find everything we needed, but the socialization for the dogs was great and I was really proud of Molly.  She can have some fear issues, but she is really doing great working through them here lately.  Getting mature in her age ;)  
We came home, ate some dinner and then started working on the doors.  As soon as I got home, I COULD NOT GET WARM!!!  It was awful....I was the only one cold so I should have known something was up.  We got pretty much everything finished, and headed to bed at a decent hour.  By this point in time, I felt pretty nasty.  Praying that I would sleep it off, I settled in.  Sunday morning I woke up feeling horrible.  I hopped in the shower, hoping that would help, but quickly realized that I needed to find a replacement for me at church.  Once I had that settled, I planted myself on the couch...where I really didn't leave until Monday night.  My head hurt, I was congested, I had a fever, the chills, and aches.  Sunday when the girls and Doug got home from church, I had my hoodie on, over my head, wrapped up in 3 blankets, and I still couldn't stop shaking!  LOL  I've turned into a wimp I'm telling you!  I haven't been sick in years, and apparently I've lost all tolerance.  
I'm so thankful that I'm 100% again.  I'm sorry for the lack of blogs.  I've missed being on!!!
Hopefully that was it for another couple years!  

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Rachel Zehr said...

Sorry your weekend was not nice. So thankful to hear your feeling better!!