Monday, October 24, 2016

Really odd allergy..

A year or so again I was extremely disappointed to find out that I had a sensitivity to cloves.  Especially this time of year, I LOVE pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie...everything pumpkin!  In most cases every one of those recipes include cloves as a spice.  It started out with my throat just feeling off.  Over the year it progressed into my throat starting to close. 
Last week I decided I was no longer going to keep them in the house...I mean if I can't use them, why should I keep them around.  I had a bulk container of them here that I had bought from a whole foods store.  I also had a small container.  I decided to combine the two and just opening the container and smelling them led to my throat starting to close up.  A real bummer, but I'm really glad I know!  
An allergy to cloves has got to be one of the oddest allergies though!

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