Thursday, October 6, 2016

Burrville Cider Mill

I can't believe we are on our second field trip already this year!  
For this one, we headed over to a nearby cider mill and the kids got to learn how cider is made.  It's pretty neat because one of the owners homeschooled/is homeschooling and is really used to doing these trips.  She did a great job!  We kept our tradition of a group picture, although this time some parents joined and we probably should have gotten one picture with everyone in there...Oh time!

I couldn't see much from the back, but I could hear all the little voices asking questions because they were too excited to wait for the next step.  I love when they "get" a field trip and love it!

My kids were claimed by another family ;)

...and since I didn't have a picture of myself in there, here is a dumb one :)  I had just finished taking the group picture, when I looked up and saw David Cross had a camera coming back at me, so this is the look he got LOL ;)

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Rachel Zehr said...

Bahahaa. And I don't have a face. Lol cuz all you see is my hair.