Friday, November 7, 2014

It's Friday!

And Doug has off!  He is heading up our homeschool field trip at the fire hall today.  This will be our third year doing it and every year the kids have a blast.  We always have a full house!  I'm not counting on this year being any different.  I'm excited and I'm bringing my camera so I'll have lot of pictures next week!

Tonight we have friends coming over to use our oven to make a cake for a birthday party tomorrow.  It's going to be a 3D Olaf cake.  Hopefully we can pull it off! 

Should be a good day!  I got so much done yesterday... it seems like no matter how much you do in a day, the next day is just as full.  I guess you can't get bored that way! ;)

Have a great weekend!!!

P.S.  Molly has grown again...she got a new collar last night.  Even though she is really tall, she is really slender, so she just moved from medium to large.  I *think* that will be her last size.  Time will tell. 

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Chelsea Thomas said...

Have a great time today and a great weekend with Doug! Make sure you take pics of the Olaf cake! How cute!!!