Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fire Hall Field trip

This is our third go at this and we have had an awesome turn out each time.  Doug does such a great job with the kids!  Here was our group...

Zoe even joined us.  
She will be joining the group next year and came to get a sneak peek!

All suited up...I love him!

Doug set the kids free to climb in the trucks, try on the suit, etc.

Zoe wasn't sure about sitting in the truck, but she did and loved it!

For the past two years, Doug always puts the kid that asks/answers the most questions on the back board and tips them upside down.  This year was no different.  Madalyn thought it looked like fun so after everyone but Zoe was gone, she asked if she could get strapped down.

And then Zoe wanted a turn ;)  Marissa was dead set against this!

So while Doug and I were busy with the kids on boards, Katie was on camera duty, and Marissa was on baby duty...

And I don't think she was complaining :)

LOL  Zoe looks unsure, but she was loving it!  I love this picture of them!

Zoe wanted to be stood up against the wall and then asked for Madalyn to stand next to her.

How about upside down?

Uncle Doug is showing her what happens if she has to puke...

I love this picture...I don't know what she is trying to look at but she can't turn her head!  LOL

In the ambulance...

She would have stayed on that board all day if we let her!  LOL  She loved it!  
As always we had a great day and can't wait till next year!

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Sharon Geiger said...

This reminds me of the hug machine that is used to calm people. You would think they would not like to be strapped but people like Temple Grandin must have that 'hug.' Too funny! Zoe will not know how come EMTs are so boring if she ever has to be placed on one and not twirled, etc.