Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Update on 1st class...

Heading into class, I think one of my biggest fears was is this going to work.  Doug having the schedule that he does, he more than likely is going to miss some classes.  In the weeks leading up to the class, we found out that they preferred you to not miss more than 2 classes as it made making those up complicated.  They did agree to work with us and one way or another we would get this done.  I took that as our step to move forward, but was unsure how it was going to look.  
First off, the staff at Jefferson County DSS is amazing!  Almost felt like a united group and it was only our first night.  We also found out that 1/2 the group was from Fort Drum and they were also going to need some grace when it came to scheduling.  It was neat to see God use something as simple as that to make be realize that He has it all and is working it all out.  
Class was 3 hours long and I was wondering how bad it would be...It was amazing!  The staff was really easy to listen to, and there is a lot of interaction throughout the class time.  They did end up splitting us into two groups so that classes are able to be kept to the correct time frames, but we will still have some together.  It will be neat to go through this as a group and hopefully utilize each other on the other side!  Thank you all for your prayers and support.  It really means a lot.