Monday, March 13, 2017

To say that we had an amazing weekend is putting it lightly.  
Anyone who knows me, knows that family is extremely important to me.  Whether it be our Friday night "pizza" nights, Sunday after church lunches, holiday get togethers, or the weekends that we get to see my parents, I don't ever want to take any of them for granted.  
Mom and Dad came in Friday right around dinner time.  After dinner, we played a couple rounds of hand and foot and then decided that we were going to head to bed with the girls! LOL
Saturday we planned to head to Watertown for the day.  Doug's parents were super thoughtful and offered to keep the pups for us so we didn't have to worry about how long we had been away and if they could hold it.  I'm sure they appreciated the gesture.  It meant a lot to me especially since they weren't feeling well.  
We had an awesome day spending time with them.  I love watching them with the girls.   We got to enjoy walking around PetsMart...just because the girls asked to and Mom got to test out the new Starbucks drink that I'm in love with.  I'm so blessed.  My family is amazing...both sides.  Doug's parents have been keeping the girls on Tuesday nights so that these MAPP classes are feasible for us.  I told my parents on Saturday multiple times that I feel spoiled....and I am.  I'm so grateful for the relationships that he has given me/us.