Monday, February 13, 2017

Field Trip for February

Last week we headed to a local meat market (Millers Meat Market in Lowville) to tour their new facility and watch how hot dogs are made.  I was wondering how the kids would do with the trip, but I was also excited/ interested to see it myself.  They did an amazing job with the trip!  They were informational, without being over the top, and kind of just made it matter of fact which I think helped the kids.  After touring the whole place, they got to watch them whip up a batch of hot dogs.  Honestly, it won't stop me from eating those hot dogs again anyhow!  It was really interesting and I know my girls loved it!    
(of course I spent too much time listening and not enough time taking pictures)
We even got to have a hot dog after the field trip was over to test them out.  
Thanks to Darrell Miller and Jeremy & Sarah Moser (along with the rest of the workers) for their hospitality and time.  I'm looking forward to coming back for some hot dogs soon!

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