Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A beautiful day outside!

With us all having spring fever, Saturday was such a teaser!  It was over 50 out and spending any length of time outside led to taking layers off.  The snow packed great and it made awesome conditions for building a fort.  So we got together with some friends and got to work ;)

I love this man ;)

Even though he kept trying to get me LOL

...but only when Jeremiah wasn't his target!  Run buddy, RUN!


Their daddy's are pretty awesome!

It was a blast and I'm super glad that even though it has cooled off some, it is suppose to stay up there.  Next weekend is supposed to be warm as well.  I'm ready!


Mom G. said...

Did you have hot chocolate in your snow fort? That was quite a fete for you all.....memories <3

Rachel Zehr said...

That's awesome! Huge! You should put it in the paper.

Doug Benedict said...

Too bad it didn't last longer