Monday, February 6, 2017

An update on the adoption process....

It's been a while since we made our announcement that we were proceeding towards adopting a little one.  A lot has changed since then and we have been tossed many curve balls.  While it is extremely frustrating and heart wrenching in the midst of it, it is neat to see God's hand.

We have known we would adopt for a while now.  After having two private adoptions fall through, we decided to seek out an agency and work with them to kind of "guarantee" things a little more, even though it was going to mean more out of our pockets.  We attended our first class in January of 2016 and were really happy with our choice.  In July, it was clear that this was not a journey that we would be continuing.  It was a tough call....we were close to finishing, money was involved, our hearts were set... but it wasn't His plan.  We ended up putting our application on hold and walking away.  

God has really changed and softened our hearts during this time of waiting.  When we started this whole process, we really wanted to grow our family, and were looking to take in an infant.  As the process continued and we prayed more about it, our age bracket grew to under 2.  After making the final call to our agency stating that we wanted to put ourselves on the hold list, we realized that God had been working on us to prepare us for something we had started out saying we wouldn't ever do.  
As we prayed together and let things sit, Doug and I both realized that we needed to answer the prodding that was going on and call the county to start the Foster Care /Adoption classes.  I never dreamed this is where we would be today when we started this whole thing.  Through this whole process, there have been many tears and frustrations shared.  Doug and I have grown a lot, both closer to each other, but also in the Lord.   

Just like anything else, there have been those that offered their concerns about our step.  Doug and I both know that this is not a decision that will be an easy walk, nor will it be one without heartache, but it is the walk that we feel we are called to take.  It's not a path that everyone is meant to take, and honestly I didn't think it was one I was capable of taking.  When God gave us this burden, He also took away a lot of the fears.  We have faith that God is able to carry us through the times when we feel done...not only able, He will!  

How do the girls feel about it?  Let me just say, we have been blessed with two amazing girls that have the biggest hearts I have ever seen, especially in kids their ages.  I'm not bragging....I know it's not me.  In making this decision, we had to consider all of we all have what it take.  We sat the girls down and explained what was going on and what this would potentially look like...good and bad.  They just want to provide a family for a child that is lacking in that....even if it's for a season.  

We are excited to begin this next part of our journey.  We are anxious to see God's hand work in each of our placements and be able to be used to make a difference where we are able.  Madalyn in particular, but Marissa as well, both continue to pray that God blesses our family with a little boy.  We would still love to adopt, and honestly that is our heart and prayer, but we do not want to limit God and what He has for us.  Above all, we want to be used.  There is so much need!  Please pray for us as we begin this next step.  We begin classes on February 28th!  

Thank you to everyone that has reached out to us over the past year letting us know that you are praying for us (some of you have joined Madalyn in the brother prayers).  We appreciate everyone of your support and thank the Lord that we have people in our lives that we know have our backs.  


Chelsea Thomas said...

We love you guys!

SteveHeather Collins said...

How exciting! Any child would be surely blessed to have you both as foster parents/ adoptive parents. Our foster care system needs a few more good families! :)

lenorediviney said...

This is great news! Following from afar. I know several families that have their forever ones from state foster/adoption