Monday, July 11, 2016

Saratoga Springs

We have been really fortunate so far this summer to be able to do quite a bit of following Doug around.  A couple weeks ago, he was in Saratoga Springs for the week.  We stayed at a state park up there called Moreau State Park.  It was beautiful!  They had a ton of hiking trailed, an awesome beach, and a lot of shade.  

One of the hiking trails we took, led us to this!

We walked down there everyday looking for a beaver...the girls were sure that we should at least see one once while we were there.

Beaver Dam #2

Beaver Dam #3

They also had 3 playground all right together, so a lot for the kids to do!

While we were at the park, the girls found this neat bug.  They loves his orange antennas!

Next trip is to Moravia to Fillmore Glen State Park :)

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