Friday, July 1, 2016

Back to the real world and some excitement...

Hey friends!!!  It's been too long :)
We jumped right from vacation to traveling with Doug.  We were home just long enough to unpack, wash everything, and repack the camper.  We spent the week in Saratoga Springs!  It sure was pretty.  I have a bunch of pictures that I need to put on the computer, edit and then upload.  It looks like I'll be home for the next two weeks so that should give me something to do.  
Last night we were watching TV, when suddenly we heard a ton of hooves.  We thought the TV just had really good sound until we realized that it was coming from outside.  Around 30 cows got out from our old barn and were running for everything they had down the middle of the road.  Doug and I followed them until they turned off onto a neighbors yard and we could turn them around.  Before we were said and done there were quite a few volunteers out herding, hunting for strays, blocking traffic, and opening doors.  I love seeing a neighborhood come together to lend a helping hand.  I went out this morning to weed the garden and wondered if I would hear any stray cows hanging around, but it seems all quiet and peaceful!  
I promise I'll get to those pictures and we'll be back to regular blogs for a while again :)

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