Wednesday, July 23, 2014


 I know one of our biggest fears when we bought our camper was that we were not going to get enough use out of it to make it worth the money.  However, I'm so happy that we have gotten to use it a ton!   And I have to admit I'm slightly addicted and at this point in time, I'm pretty sure I would be ok with living permanently in it!  ;)  We got back from Buffalo on Sunday morning SUPER early in the morning and made the decision to turn around and head right back out again with Doug since he was going to be working near Green Lakes State Park for a few days.  It was a beautiful place to camp!  We really enjoyed ourselves and I loved that we could spend more time with him even though he was "out of town".

 We even convinced Doug's parents to come along!  That made it even more fun!

 Marissa got some snuggles in with her little buddy :)
While we were gone, our area was hit by a tornado.  Our home was fine and we didn't even lose power but the surrounding areas got hit and suffered quite a bit of damage.  While we were camping, we all got tornado warnings on our phones telling us to seek immediate shelter.  It didn't really look nasty, and we didn't know what direction to head anyhow so we stayed put.  It rained really hard, and blew a little bit but nothing major.  The rain only lasted 20 minutes max.  We only lost one really dead branch off a tree onto Mom and Dad's camper.  No damage done though.  Wednesday after we got packed up to head out, we made a left out of the driveway and I bet about a mile down the road there were trees on houses, yards destroyed, just a mess!  Later we found out that a tornado had hit there as well.  God was and is soooo good to us!  I'm so thankful that He had His watchful eye on us.  I know for a fact that the campers would not have faired well in that kind of a storm and so did He!  We are so blessed!

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