Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Surprise!

Chelsea called me a few months ago and let me know that she was coming into town.  Unfortunately, it fell on the same week that we were heading to KY for a wedding.  The only day that we could see her was Wednesday.  Their flight didn't come in until 3:30 and the plan was for them to stop at our place for dinner before continuing to Mom and Dad's that night.  It was definitely going to limit our time, so we made up a plan.  With our new van, we had room for everyone to ride down and back with us and that way we could spend a little more time together!  Jonathan and the kids even got in on it.  We really missed Liz, but with her so close to her due date, it really wasn't the best idea in the world!
Waiting for the Thomas' one point in time Lily turned to me and said, "I all done hiding now!"  HAHA  The kids did great!!!

"Is that them?"

Still waiting...

They are coming!

Sweetest picture ever!  I wish I could have seen what Mom and Dad were seeing without ruining the surprise!

I thought for sure she had an inclination that we would be there, but we totally surprised her!


Rachel Zehr said...

Awe yay!!! How fun!

Mom G. said...

You know what I saw.....that smiley face of Seth Kyle Thomas. . . . you know, the one that takes up his whole face :)

Sarah Benedict said...

I LOVE it!

Traci Laing said...

What great photos!! How special you were all there to meet them!