Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Summer Rec"

 A couple weeks ago, we met at a friend's house for "Summer Rec"  They planned for making homemade play doh, lunch, swimming and some jumping time on the trampoline.  

 The pictures from the day are a bit out of order but I was too lazy to fix them ;)

For lunch we tried cutting watermelon a new way that is supposed to be easier.  It did work, but there was a lot of waste.  I'm assuming it could work well if you had the right knives, but for us we decided it was best to finish cutting it up into squares.  

 The kids headed out to jump on the trampoline.  I couldn't believe how well Zoe did out there with the big kids!

Josiah wasn't so sure...

Love these pictures!

Then off to swim!  I think the water was a little cold!

Katie was braver than the rest of us!  Baby Paisley loved the water and was all content in there :)

I love her expressions!

Big helper!

 Poor kid...we hadn't gotten her combination adjusted well yet and she looks like she is being choked!

That is better!

These two got cold so they jumped out to swing

LOVE the glasses ;)

My turn to bounce...


Playing playdoh while we got all the stuff ready for the homemade version....

And the making begins!

Messy hands

They each got to choose their own color...Marissa's surprised me because it wasn't yellow....I wonder if she is changing colors?

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